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When starting any business, it is important to seek experienced counsel from a business lawyer to avoid problems down the road. Are you wondering how to turn a great idea into a business? Curious about what is required to incorporate and how does corporate structure affect liability and tax matters? Debating whether  a nonprofit structure is the way to go?

Based in Atlanta, The Effiong Firm LLC can answer your questions and provide thorough representation during the incorporation stage of your business. As your Georgia business grows, our firm will continue to partner with you to handle any legal problems along the way.

In addition to transactional work, our attorney has the experience necessary to resolve many types of business law disputes that may result in a lawsuit. When needed, we have the muscle to match opposing counsel and protect your interest.

The Best Formation: LLC, Partnership, Corporation Or Nonprofit

Organizations dedicated to doing good in a community have options and do not necessarily need to be structured as nonprofits. We have worked with many entrepreneurs who want to balance a mission with making a profit. Starting a nonprofit is one option but it is not always the best way forward. We can guide you through the process and help you arrive at the right structure for your purpose.

When a nonprofit structure best meets the needs of the organization, seek help from an attorney who understands how nonprofits run and are regulated and has helped other not-for-profit organizations grow their impact. Our attorney has this experience and knowledge base from helping nonprofits with startup and compliance matters as well as other issues related to employment, tax and intellectual property issues.

What Additional Requirements Exist For Nonprofits?

Nonprofits are great and they are also heavily regulated. We often have to debunk myths about nonprofits and how to properly run them. For instance, grants and other funds may be subject to certain restrictions that impact how they can be used. We frequently spend time explaining the difference between for-profit and nonprofit. Because each situation is different, we can assist in analyzing which business formation best meets your needs.

When forming a nonprofit, you must consider:

  • Governance as detailed in properly drafted bylaws
  • Compliance with applicable state and federal regulations
  • Income issues (i.e., making sure funds are used appropriately)

Regardless of the structure you choose, labor and employment law issues should be considered and the investment in a sound employment manual and job descriptions can ease future hiring and firing situations.

Our attorney can also handle intellectual property concerns related to the trademark of logos or slogans used in branding. We can also assist with copyright issues for creatives.

Skilled Counsel For Social Enterprises

Avoid missteps when starting a nonprofit organization or business and in ongoing operations by speaking with our experienced business law attorney. Learn how we can partner with your organization by calling 404-566-2148 or contacting us online to schedule a consultation.

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